Saturday, July 21, 2012

New York 3 months down

I have been utterly neglecting this blog ever since I arrived in New York, exactly three months ago on Sunday. This city has a way of stealing all your time and energy. I can't remember the last time I was bored or the last time I left my apartment and wasn't in some way inspired or overwhelmed or shocked or surprised at something I saw or heard. There's just so much happening all the time. It doesn't stop. Anyway, here's some of what's been stealing my time...

houseguests, fresh flowers, laundry room, wholewheat everything bagels with scallion cream cheese, Bowery Coffee, Miss Lily's, rosé on the roof, car horns, Cafe Select again, Wholefoods, emails,, being paid to wear Celine, Rag & Bone, Bar Piti, Emporio, hotel pools, Cafe Gitane, bicycle envy, window shopping, smoothies, interviews, new friends, Keds, Freeman's artichoke dip, oysters, Madison Ave, hot pavement, hot nights, hot everything, excitement, disappointment, breakfast dates, college friends, running into people on the street, dying phone, stolen phone, diners, Yoga Works, missing Sydney, Montauk, Nantucket, DC, Amtrak, taxis, sunsets, rooftops, brothers, nephew, Erica Weiner Jewelery, hangovers, mastheads, other people's dogs, Aussie friends, Momofuku, my lovely apartment.

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  1. So glad to see that you're having an amazing time over in NYC Anna. We miss you back here!

    Hope all is well.